Mt.Usuzan (有珠山) is an active stratovolcano in the Shikotsu-Toya National Park. Mt.Usuzan is located on the southern edge of Lake Toya caldera. It has erupted four times since 1900.
 From the summit station of Usuzan ropeway, you will be overlooking Lake Toya,Mt.showashinzan,Mt.Youteizan. The 2008 G8 Summit was held near Mt.Usuzan at Lake Toya.
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The corse takes about 1hour to hike up to the summit,
and 1hour for the return tirp.
There is Mt.Showashinzan in front of the foot of a mountain ropeway station. In 1945, the height of the mountain 407 meters(398m currently), appeared in wheat fields. Smoke is still spouting from the reddish-brown pyramidal shape. This volcanic type is called "Belonite"and is rare even in the world.
ropeway station sanroku(山麓) at foot of mountain
Rock tower
 There is a boardwalk around pond Sugataminoike, a beautiful swamp is dotted.
view of Lake Toyako from observatory
 Mt.oousu grow by volcanic activity in 1853.
the stairs of the boardwalk
 Crater that is called "Ginnuma(銀沼) was formed by magma steam explosion that occurred between 1978-1977.
Crater that is called "Ginnuma(銀沼)"
Ixeris dentata v. alpicola
           Niseko mountain range  L.Toyako    Mt.Yoteizan      Mt.Kousu
Mt.Kousu     Mt.Ogariyama  Mt.Oousu
swallowtail butterfly
L.Toyako Mt.Yoteizan Mt.Kousu Mt.Ogariyama Crater Ginnuma
Funka Bay
Ikori cape The Windsor Hotel TOYA Mt.Nisiyama L.Toyako Mt.Yoteizan
Lotus corniculatus v. japonicus
Linaria japonica
Distant view of Mount Usuzan

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