=Tokachi Volcanic Group=

 The Tokachidake(十勝岳)is an active volcano located in the south of Daisetsuzan National Park,Hokkaido. Mt.Tokachidake was named because it is the headwaters of the Tokachi River. It is the tallest volcano of the Tokachi Volcanic Group. The main peaks are as follows.
 Mt.Oputatesikeyama(オプタテシケ山)2,012m Mt.Bieifuji(美瑛富士)1,888m Mt.Bieidake(美瑛岳)2,052m Mt.Tokachidake(十勝岳)2,077m Mt.Kamihorokamettokuyama(上ホロカメットク山)1,920m Mt.Furanodake(富良野岳)1,912m
 There are several trails to the peak. Trail of Bougakudai(望岳台) is the most popular.
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The corse takes about 3 and half hours to hike up to the summit,
and 3hours for the return tirp.
 When viewed from Bogakudai at the foot of the mountain, it is continuous Mt.Bieifuji,Mt.Bieidake, Mt.Tokachidake and Mt.Sandanyama. from the left.
Mt.Bieifuji Mt.Bieidake    Mt.Tokachidake   Mt.Sandanyama
 The hillside of the mountain, there is a hut for emergency shelter(十勝岳避難小屋).
Hut Emergency shelter
 Plume is constantly rising from the crater.
Plume from the crater
 On the slopes of volcanic ash, Hut can be seen small.
Hut can be seen small
 Summit appears to be still far away.
Summit can be seen
 If you go up to the ridge, you can see the whole picture of Mt.Tokachidake.
view of Mt.Tokachidake from the ridge
 There is a funnel-shaped crater named Suribachi(摺鉢火口).
In the crater Suribachi(摺鉢火口)
 When walking the ridge, Mt.Bieidake, Mt.Nokodake has come into view. Mt.Nokodake is shaped like a saw as the name."
Mt.Bieidake         Mt.Nokodake
view of the summit
 Water vapor is hung over from the snow filled the swamp.
Swamp that is filled with snow
 It looks like volcanic ash, but there is snow under it.
Valley of snow
 When you begin to look up close to top, the slope of the mountain trail is tight.
while looking up at the top
 To the west of the summit, Mt.Kamihorokamettokuyama, Mt.Sanpozan and Mt.Furanodake is visible,Mt.Furanonishidake is visible at a distance.
Mt.Kamihorokamettokuyama  Mt.Franodake  Mt.Franonisidake
 The south side of the summit ,Mt.shimohorokamettokuyama,Mt.Sakaiyama,Mt.Toyausube,and Mt.Kamihorokamettokuyama is visible.
Mt.shimohorokamettokuyama Mt.Sakaiyama Mt.Toyausube Mt.Kamihorokamettokuyama
 Plume is rising briskly from the 62-2Ucrater.
view of Mt.Bieidake and Mt.Oputatesikeyama
Trail of soft volcanic ash
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