Mt.Tarumaesan (樽前山) is an active stratovolcano in the Shikotsu-Toya National Park. Mt.Tarumaesan is composed of Lava dome(1,041m) , Mt.Higasiyama(東山1,022m) and Mt.Nisiyama(西山994m). Mt.Tarumaesan is located on the southern edge of Lake Shikotu caldera. There are two trails, Hut trail is popular.
 Hut trail:It is a popular trail. [Around the time3hr20min]
 Tomakomai trail:Forest road to walk is long. It is easy to mistake the treil. [Around the time 6hr]
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Hut trail
The corse takes about 3hours and 20mins round tirp.
 Up to the seventh station of the mountain Hut, you can come by car. There is no facility of accommodation in the hut.
The seventh station
 Rain cleft seen in the mountain surface.
view of Autumn mountain from the foot of mountain
 If you go up the mountain trail, it looks beautiful blue lake from mountain trail.
view of Lake Sikotuko
 Lava dome is the highest peak(1,041m). The lava dome, it is not close dangerous.
Lava dome
 Mt.Higasiyama(1,022m) is the peak of the second.
Ridge of Mt.Higasiyama
 Lake Shikotuko,Lava dome and Mt.Nishiyama overlook from the Summit of Mt.Higasiyama.
Summit of Mt.Higasiyama
 White smoke is blowing constantly from fumaroles.There is Nishiyama behind the lava dome.
view of Lava dome from the summit
 On the horizon, Ishikari is spreading.
view of Lake Shikotuko from the summit
 Rock that was blown away by the volcanic activity.
Mt.Fuppusidake of old active volcano
 Explosion crater is an open mouth on top of the Lava dome.
Lava dome
 Trace of soil has been washed away by the rain.
Soil erosion
  Mt.Fuppusidake is an of old active volcano.
view of Mt.Fuppusidake
 Mt.Nishiyama hillside looks like a human eye.
view of Mt.Nisiyama
White plume from fumaroles
Tarumaesan Shrine
 There is a measurement facility of volcanic activity in the summit of Mt.Nishiyama.
 You could see from the summit of Mt. Sorrel Nishiyama.
view of Lake Shikotuko
 There is a way to go around the outer rim.
view of Lava dome
Tomakomai trail [Around the time 6hr]
 Do you not look like a baboon is wearing a hat.
Lava dome and soil erosion
Mt.Fuppusidake      Lava dome Mt.higasiyama
Distant view of early winter
 It looks like wearing a white cloak from Shadai,Siraoi in early winter. Sunlight changes, the white cloak moves beautifully like the aurora.
Mt.Nisiyama  Lava dome Mt.higasiyama

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