Mt.Meakandake (雌阿寒岳) is an active volcano that is located in Akan National Park in Hokkaido, Japan. Mt.Meakandake is the tallest mountain in the Akan Volcanic Group. Mt.Meakan has two craters called Akanuma and Aonuma at its summit. Mt.Meakandake is the female, Mt.Oakandake(雄阿寒岳)is the partner.
 L.AKANKO(阿寒湖畔) trail:It is a popular trail. There is also a hot spring near the trailhead. [cimbing 2hr,down 1hr40min]
 L.ONNETO(オンネトー) trail:you can camp trailhead, also LakeOnneto stroll.[Around the time;5hr45min]
 HS.NAKANO(中野温泉) trail:Trail extends linearly.There are hot springs near the trailhead.[cimbing 2hr,down 1hr10min]
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L.AKANKO(阿寒湖畔) trail
 In the Ainu(native people) language Mt.Kengamine(1328m,剣ヶ峰) is known as "Machinesiri". You can not climb to Mt.Kengamine like a knife edge, because there is no trail.
Mountain trail that was desolate
 Between Mt.Kengamine[machineshiri] and Mt.Meakan[ponmachineshiri], there is "Nakamachineshiri crater".
Mt.Meakandake      Nakamachinesiri crater        Mt.Kengamine
A ridge of volcanic ash
A ridge of volcanic ash
 Water accumulated in the crater, so looks red, it is called Akanuma(赤沼).
Crater that is called Akanuma
 Over the Nakamachinesiri crater, Lake Akan, Mt.Oakandake is desired.Smoke rising from the crater is fluttering in Mt.Kengamine.
Lake Akanko and Nakamachinesiri crater
 Water accumulated in the crater, so looks blue, it is called Aonuma(青沼).
Crater that is called Aonuma
Crater wall
Crater of Aonuma and Mt.Akanfuji
L.ONNETO(オンネトー) trail
on the crater wall
L.Akanko and Mt.Oakandake
Rock formationsof the V sign
Lake Onneto
 From the top of Mt.Akanfuji, Mt.Meakan, Mt.Kengamine, Lake Akanko and Mt.Oakandake is desired.
Mt.Meakandake(雌阿寒岳)   MT.Kengamine(剣ヶ峰)
pentstemon frutescens
loiseleuria procumbens
dicentra peregrina
 Lake Onnneto is lake which was created as a result of volcanic activity at Mt.Meakanndake.From the Lakeside of Lake Onneto, Mt.Meakandake, Mt.Akanfuji is desired.There is a boardwalk around Lake Onneto and the view place.
Mt.Meakandake(雌阿寒岳)   MT.Akanfuji(阿寒富士)
 From the observation deck of the lakeOnneto, you can see Mt.Akanfuji and Mt.Meakandake.
 Mt.Meakandake(雌阿寒岳)     MT.Akanfuji(阿寒富士)
 If you go up to the view place of Lake Onneto, Mt.Meakandake, Mt.Akanfuji, Lake Onneto looks.
Mt.Meakandake   Lake Onneto  Mt.Akanfuji,

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