Daisetsu plateau swamp(大雪高原沼1,460m)
=Taisetsuzan Volcanic Group=

  In Daisetukogeonsen(大雪高原温泉),there are trailheads of Mt.Midoridake and Daisetsu plateau swamp. In the foliage season, it is a place where many tourists and hikers visit. Because cars come and go in the narrow dirt road, you drive carefully. The trail well-groomed extends around Daisetsu plateau swamp.
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The corse takes about 1hours and 30mins to hike up to Daigaku swamp,
and 35mins for the return tirp.
Brown Bear Information Center
Yanbe hot spring
Sumo ring swamp(土俵沼) and Mt.Hiragatake
Swamp called Takiminuma
Takimi swamp and Mt.Hiragatake
Swamp called Midorinuma and Ridge of Takanegahara
Midori swamp
looking back toward the Midori swamp
Ridge of Takanegahara
MT.Hiragatake and colored leaves
MT.Hiragatake and colored leaves
MT.Hiragatake and colored leaves
Swamp called Ezonuma
Ezo swamp and Mt.Midoridake
Ezo swamp
Swamp called Sikibunuma and Mt.Hakuundake
Swamp called Daigakunuma
Mt.Isikaradake            Daigaku swamp        Mt.Chubetudake
Sikibu Swamp
Ezo swamp
Midoro swamp
Midori swamp,Mt.Hiragadake, Takanegahara ridge,Mt.Hakuundake and Mt.Midoridake
Colored leaves of Takimi swamp
Sumo ring swamp
Steam of the Yanbe hot spring

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