Mt.Akadake(赤岳 2,090m)    =Taisetsuzan Volcanic Group=

 There is a trailhead of Mt.Akadake in Ginsendai(銀泉台). In the foliage season, it is a place where many tourists and hikers visit. Because cars come and go in the narrow dirt road, you drive carefully. Mountain trail well-groomed has continued to summit.
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The corse takes about 2hours and 20mins to hike up to the summit,
and 2hours for the return tirp.
Forest management station
The surface of mountain of beautiful colored leaves
Mt.Niseikaushuppeyama  MT.Hirayama(平山)  Mt.Byoubudake(屏風岳)
Autumn leaves in full swing
Valley of autumn leaves in full swing
Mt.Byobudake(屏風岳) MT.Muriidake(武利岳)     Mt.Mikuniyama(三国山)
Clean moss
Mt.Byobudake and autumn leaves
Mt.Akadake(赤岳) MT.Ebosidake(烏帽子岳)      Mt.Kurodake(黒岳)
Rock of strange shape
Autumn leaves in full swing
Autumn leaves in full swing
Clouds welling up
Big rock lying about
 Hut is called Isimuro(Stone chamber),Because the old hut was built in stone.
Top of the rock
Mt.Koizumidake(小泉岳) MT.Hakuundake(白雲岳) Mt.Asahidake(旭岳)
 Mt.Asahidake(旭岳) MT.Hokuchindake(北鎮岳) Mt.Hakuundake(烏帽子岳)  Mt.Tesiodake(天塩岳)
Autumn leaves
Autumn leaves
Arctous alpinus v.japonicus
Small autumn leaves

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